Where Airplanes Go When They Die

Airplanes graveyard is a magnificent view as it is, but have you seen it from a bird’s eye? Aviation graveyards, also known as boneyards, are the places, where the airplanes go when they finish their service. In the graveyards they wait for their fate.

Due to the tendency for airplanes to stay in service longer, the market for second-hand aircraft parts has been growing. Therefore, such facilities, that are like parking lots for planes, are recycling older aircraft for parts. Usually, the airplane’s engine and other valuable parts will be taken out. After that, the plane is broken down for scrap metal and other materials. The aircraft is recycled to some unexpected everyday items such as computers, TVs and even floor tiles.

Airplanes Graveyard Airplanes Graveyard  

During the most recent years, the recycling technology improved significantly. A couple of years before, only about half of the aircraft could be recycled and used. But these days, specialists have found a way to recycle up to 85 percent of the plane.

For the reason that it takes about two weeks to take out parts of the plane and break it down and the parking lot is not that big, there are lots of planes waiting for their turn to be recycled. Thanks to that, we get to see some sights that look like they are from another planet.