Cuba‘s Airplane Crash Leaves Only 3 Survivors, 110 Found Dead

On Friday, Cuban airplane, carrying out a Havana‘s domestic flight, veered to the right and crashed to the ground just minutes after take-off. The airplane crash took 110 lives of the passengers and left only 3 survivors in critical condition. The tragic aviation disaster is named the worst in 3 decades in Cuban history. It is also the third major air accident of Cuba since 2010.

Cubana Flight 972 went down just after noon, a short distance from the end of the runway at Jose Marti International Airport. One of the eye-witnesses stated that the engine was flaming with fire. Soon the Boeing 737 was falling toward the ground.After that, a black smoke pillar was rising from the ground and could be seen from miles away.

The state airline, which operated the fatal flight, is known to have rather normal safety conditions. Although, the airline frequently cancels or delays its flights. In recent months it has taken a lot of its planes out of service due to maintenance problems. Because of this, the airline is hiring charter aircraft from other companies. Mexican officials said the Boeing 737-201 was built in 1979. It was rented by Cubana from Aerolineas Damojh, a small charter company that also goes by the name of Global Air.

Rescue teams search through the wreckage site of an airplane crash of Boeing 737 Rescue teams search through the wreckage site of an airplane crash of Boeing 737 The last deadly accident involving a Cubana-operated plane was in 1989, a charter flight from Havana to Milan, Italy. It crashed shortly after takeoff, killing all 126 people on board and at least a few dozen people on the ground.

The cause for the airplane crash is currently under the investigation. The officials are trying to pin down the reason as to why the 39-year old Boeing 737 crashed. The black box of the airplane has already been recovered. It will hold key flight data and information about what happened to the plane.