Top 10 Most Pet-friendly Airlines

Having in mind the most recent accidents, where pets turned out dead after flights, the attention was shifted to the pet-friendly policies at airlines. Travelling with a pet is stressful as it is, but having to worry about your beloved pet‘s life is too much. If you are planning on flying with your pet and are looking for the best airline to do it with – look no more. did this for you and after analyzing 52 airlines, chose the best 10, with the best pet-friendly policies and regulations, from allowing various pets on board to giving out disposable carrying cases for your pet.

Air France

If your cat or dog weights no more than 17 pounds (about 8 kilograms), at Air France you can bring the pet to the cabin, provided you get approval of customer service first. Of course, it will cost you from $35 to $234 depending on the flight which you choose. Pet-friendly Airline Pet-friendly Airline

British Airways

On this airline, service dogs can fly in the cabin for free. Unfortunately, on the affiliates of the British Airways, OpenSkies and SUN-AIR, you have to pay $196 for each dog or cat, which is under 13.2 pounds (about 6 kilograms), if you want to take them to the cabin with you. Pet-friendly Airline Pet-friendly Airline


You can take cats, dogs and rabbits to the cabin, provided they are under 17 pounds (about 8 kilograms). Also, depending on the flight, you will have to pay from $58 to $193. Pet-friendly Airline Pet-friendly Airline


Passengers can take their cats and dogs to the cabin, if they weight less than 13.2 pounds (about 6 kilograms). The fee price ranges from $57 to $83. Pet-friendly Airline Pet-friendly Airline

Thomas Cook

For the service dogs on cabin, there is no fee. However, if you wish to take your pets with you in the cabin, you should contact the airline's customer service.
Pet-friendly Airline Pet-friendly Airline

Turkish Airlines

A wide range of pets are allowed in the cabin for excess baggage fee. The list includes cats, dogs, goldfinches, parrots and canaries.
Pet-friendly Airline Pet-friendly Airline

Aegean Airlines

This airline will not only allow cats, dogs and ferrets under 17 pounds (about 8 kilograms) travel in the cabin, but will also provide a comfortable way to fly in the plane if you do not have your own pet carrier bag. The airline provides the disposable pet-friendly boxes.
Pet-friendly Airlines Pet-friendly Carrier


Domestic animals like dogs and cats are allowed in the cabin as well as other tamed animals. They should all be under 17 pounds (about 8 kilograms) and it will cost you as an excess baggage would. Pet-friendly Airline Pet-friendly Airline


Apart from regular pets like birds, dogs and cats, AirEuropa also allows a variety of water animals in the cabin. Fares are ranging from $27 to $165, depending on the flight.
Pet-friendly Airline Pet-friendly Airline


Like most of the mentioned airlines, Vueling allows such pets like dogs, cats, birds and various water animals in the cabin. Depending on the flight, it will cost you up to $52. Pet-friendly Airline Pet-friendly Airline     So, the next time you will be flying with a pet, keep in mind that these airlines have pet-friendly policies.