World‘s Longest Nonstop Flight Is About To Return To Route Newark-Singapore

The world‘s longest non-stop flight is returning to Newark Airport in October. The flight takes 18 hours and 45 minutes and is flying from Newark Liberty International Airport to Singapore. Current longest flight requires a several-hour stop to refuel, therefore the returning non-stop flight will be ideal for travellers, who wish to save time.

The initial longest non-stop flight was launched in 2004. But after the prices of oil increased, it was decided to call it off in 2013. The Singapore Airlines (SIA1) (SINGY) is known to be luxurious for its suites and service. Although, some things have changed since the last such flight, therefore, passengers can expect change in the overall flight experience. The price for the Newark-Singapore flight is estimated to be around 1,500 dollars for November. So, what kind of experience to expect?

The airline is planning to fly with an Airbus A350-900 ULR (ultra-long range), which can carry more fuel that any normal version. It can also have more take-off weight. Singapore Airlines (SIA1) (SINGY) used to fly with an Airbus A340-500 with four engines.

Longest Non-stop Flight Longest Non-stop Flight

Talking about the seating arrangements – the new airplane cabin will feature new premium economy seats instead of the old two-class cabin with seats for business class and premium coach. Each seat will have more than 13-inch monitor and more legroom.

Longest Non-stop Flight Longest Non-stop Flight

The airline is predicting the airplane to be more comfortable to the travellers. For one, the plane is made to be more quiet than the previous four-engine plane. It also flies at 6,000 feet instead of 8,000, which helps travellers with altitude-sickness. The air is said to be more fresh as it will be refreshed more frequently in order to increase humidity in the cabin.

The options for entertainment will also be upped from 200 choices to 1,400. The premium economy class will be able to enjoy the „Book the Cook“ program - they will be able to order their meals ahead of flight.