Airplane Sinks Into The Lagoon After Missing The Runway

On 28th September, Air Niugini Boeing 737-800 crashed into Lagoon after missing the runway. There were 46 passengers and 11 crew members onboard and all of them are reportedly safe.

When the plane dived into the water, all the locals took their fishing boats and helped to rescue everyone. Some of them also posted videos and pictures of the wreckage.

The company Air Niugini is the National carrier of Papua New Guinea and this route was newly when it started to operate. The aircraft, that landed into the lagoon, was previously owned by Jet Airways and Air India Express.

Air Niugini Air Niugini

The crash of the plane

Local host of a radio station spoke about the event. He said that most of the passengers were from the US and Australia, and only a few locals. He added: "They just went straight out there and started hauling people to shore."

Matthew Colson, the radio host, also expressed his mind about other airlines, landing in the local airport: "United is mostly the only airline that comes out here, and it's been that way for years... There are flights every day but this has never happened before. Mainly because this route is considered one of United's hardest routes for the 737, so they... send their best pilots out here for the island hopper."

Bill Jaynes, a journalist based in Pohnpei, who experienced the event, was interviewed by Colson. B. Jaynes said: "I thought we landed hard until I looked over and saw a hole in the side of the plane and water was coming in and thought 'This is not the way it's supposed to happen.'" He also said that some of the passengers were really injured.

"We came in low, very low. Unfortunately, the flight attendants panicked and started yelling. I was trying to be calm and help as much as I could."

Air Niugini Crash in the Lagoon Air Niugini Crash in the Lagoon

High Tide hotel employee, John Merelli, saw the plane landing but he thought it was supposed to be like this. Later he understood what happened: "Then I went back to my workplace and somebody told me, and I looked from the rooftop and the plane was starting to go underwater."

When the plane crashed, it took just a few minutes until the rescue team came.