Top 5 Shortest Flights On Earth

One of the most important specifications on an aircraft is its range. Airlines today are competing to launch the longest scheduled flights to cross continents and oceans alike. Tourists, business travelers and aviation geeks are enjoying the race for the crown of the longest scheduled flight. Because it helps them travel with more comfort, as this means fewer layovers for passengers. But on the other hand, sometimes the only option to commute is by plane. And that creates unique flights that can last less than 2 minutes! Therefore these are the Top 5 Shortest Flights On Earth:

5. Molokai to Kalaupapa - 14 kilometers

Mokulele Airlines operates the 15-minute flight between two airstrips in Hawaii, which connect the islands to Hawaii's capital - Honolulu.

4. Minami-Daito to Kitadaito - 12 kilometers

Two islands in the Philippine Sea that are a part of the Daito island group. The flight is the only connection between these two islands because they do not have a harbor.

3. Caye Caulker to Caye Chapel - 3.9 kilometers

The two Caribbean islands provide an incredible vacation spot. Caye Caulker is an island with over 2000 inhabitants while Caye Chapel is a privately owned island with a golf course, a clubhouse and also a conference building. Not only you can spend your vacation there and enjoy the absolutely breathtaking views, but also fly on one of the shortest flights on earth.

2. Westray to Papa Westray - 3 kilometers

The shortest regular commercial flight on Earth is in Scotland. The two islands are separated by a stretch of seawater and they are only 3 kilometers apart. Logainair operates the flight for over 50 years. There are daily flights between the Westray islands and passengers use it as a way to go to work or school. Aviation enthusiasts are also present on the flight, as they fill up their bucket list to fly the shortest scheduled flight.

1. Kegata to Apowo - 2 kilometers

This is the shortest flight on Earth! Even though the flight is not a regular one, it is the only option for people to travel between these settlements. Because the land between them is a thick jungle that is unpassable. The runways are short and slippery, as they are on grass. But they provide a stunning scenery and a chance to be a part of a record.