A Cessna Crashed Into A Building In Fort Lauderdale

A shocking crash happened in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. A small Cessna 335 aircraft crashed into a children's therapy center as a result of an engine fire. Security cameras have captured the video which shows the aircraft sliding into the building. As a result, it burst into flames as it hit a children's therapy center.

Bound for Hilliard Airpark in Florida, the aircraft departed from Fort Lauderdale Executive Airport. At first, the pilot reported an emergency: "Tower, we got a fire - left engine. Turning right back. We're losing power left engine, we're turning right back."

Another pilot reported to the ACT, "We just had an airplane crash".

The pilot tried to turn back and land in the same airport. After getting clearance from the airport's Aircraft Control Tower. But for still unknown reasons, the Cessna 335 came short of the airport and slid into a warehouse. The two people on the aircraft, a pilot and a passenger suffered fatal injuries and passed away in the crash. Inside the building, there were 13 people: 8 adults and 5 children. Importantly, none of them suffered any injuries.

Eladio Marquez was the pilot flying the aircraft. Eladio was originally from the Dominican Republic. He took flying lessons in the United States. Eladio later became a flying instructor and opened his own flying school, additionally owned 2 aircraft. The pilot had over 12 years of experience flying and was an instructor for over 10 years.

The National Transportation Safety Board is investigating the crash. The NTSB will look into when was the last time mechanics worked on the aircraft. The investigators will interview people working at the airport.

The video captured by a safety camera at a nearby business shows the plane crashing into the therapy center and subsequently, people running away from the site.

Hear the pilot report the emergency: