Dreaming Of Becoming A Pilot? We Have A Solution For You

2017 was the safest year on record for commercial passenger air travel, with airlines recording zero accidents deaths in commercial passenger jets last year, according to a Dutch consulting firm (To70) and aviation safety group (Aviation Safety Network) that track crashes. This confidence will further enhance growth in the commercial aviation industry which is forecast to grow 6% to 4.3 billion passengers in 2018. But one main obstacle identified to the aviation industry being able to grow at the forecasted rates is the shortage of pilots - the global shortage is an international headline with airlines scrambling to find quality pilots, recent industry developments are the increasing salary packages being offered, especially in China, Vietnam and the Middle East and the change in visa status for use of foreign pilots in Australia.

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To better get a view of the pilots demand globally, Boeing’s long-term forecast is that approximately 617,000 new commercial airline pilots will be required in the next 20 years, with the largest pilot requirement being in the Asia Pacific region with 248,000 new pilots required. For more industry information check out this page https://www.aviationfly.com/about-us/

Three of the key obstacles for young individuals interested in becoming pilots are knowing what the journey is to becoming an airline pilot, identifying what schools are available to them and learning about possible funding methods there are available to assist with the high cost of training.

AviationFly.com is the first online platform aiming to eliminate all these obstacles. AviationFly.com was created following numerous conversations with individuals discussing their experience of becoming a pilot. The first key issue was highlighted by almost every individual, the lack of information online in one central location to identify all pilot training schools available. The free to use platform contains over 200 training schools and allows individuals to contact the ones they are interested in see this page - https://www.aviationfly.com/pilot/training-institutes/

The pioneering online nature of this directory for pilot training schools allows the website to bring together all the latest information from the training school including latest pictures and the social media presence of the academies.

If you are interested in becoming a pilot - take a look this page which has over 200+ Flight Schools located on one page - https://www.aviationfly.com/pilot/training-institutes/