Top 10 Aviation Videos of 2015

Nowadays almost anything in aviation can be caught on video: gorgeous flights, dangerous landings, horrific crashes, emergencies, stunning airshow performances or priceless experiences. Thanks to the accessibility of video cameras, people have the opportunity to capture some pretty incredible and unbelievable moments that were much more difficult to record only a few years ago. We look back at these top 10 aviation videos, which were featured in blog over the year. They are definitely worth watching again and again!

Top 10 Aviation Videos of 2015

10. Virgin B747 Gear Failure & Emergency Landing

Boeing 747-400 G-VROM suffered a failure to the right outboard MLG after rotation on a flight from Gatwick to Las Vegas. After circling for a few hours, the aircraft made an emergency landing shortly after sunset, with the right outer MLG still retracted. Some passengers suffered slight injuries after a Virgin Atlantic plane carrying 462 people was forced to make an emergency landing in London due to a problem with its landing gear. 9. Airbus A380 Strong Crosswind Landing

Airbus A380 “Superjumbo” crosswind landing at Gatwick airport. Airbus A380 is the world’s largest passenger aircraft, and the airports at which it operates have upgraded facilities to accommodate it. Even if this plane is huge and heavy, when it comes to crosswind or storm, it’s always going to make pilots work hard to get it down on the runway safely. The skill with which this airbus is  slowly landing really impresses! 8. Boeing 777 Landing In Windstorm The worst storm in 100 years rocked Amsterdam’s Schiphol Airport with winds up to 75 miles per hour. Pilots of KL M Boeing 777 had an extreme landing during this windstorm. Video shows a KLM 777-300ER pitching and rolling until the last second. 7. Lowest Landing in the World

Many people have said that it was the lowest B737 landing  they had ever seen at Skiathos and it is definitely one of the lowest landings in the world itself. After touchdown, two clear marks from the landing gear were drawn before the runway threshold! Air Italy Boeing was bit lower than usual. Few more meters and tragic disaster would have happened. 6. Airbus A380 Crosswind Landing During Bad Weather High winds and thunderstorms saw flights cancelled or delayed at airports including Heathrow and Gatwick. Airbus A380 is the the biggest and the most unique passengers aircraft in the world, so pilot handling in crosswind is really impressive! 5. High Winds at Madeira Airport High winds at Madeira airport made difficulties for pilots to land safely. Great video of some landings in crosswind conditions at Madeira International Airport, Portugal. Several of these planes were unable to land and struggled due to high winds at the airport. 4. A380 Thrust Reverse on a Wet Runway One more Airbus A380 video - looks like they are really popular! This amazing video shows us Airbus A380 thrust reverse on a wet runway with some crosswind during the approach runway. Worth to see! 3. Near-Collision Between Emirates And Etihad Two jetliners came as close as 25 seconds from one another, narrowly averting a mid-air collision over the Arabian Sea on Monday night. Dubai-bound Emirates flight EK706 and Seychelles-bound Etihad flight EY622 flew close to Mumbai as Yemeni airspace has been closed. The exact distance separating the two aircraft at the point closest to a collision not been disclosed. The air traffic control in Mumbai instructed one of the planes to climb and another to descend to avoid a collision. 2. A380 Crosswind Landing at Düsseldorf Weather conditions in Düsseldorf, Germany were windy and wet over the weekend, making for a crazy-looking maneuver as this EmiratesAirbus A380 (which is the world’s most expensive passenger airliner). Amazing video! 1.Emergency Landing Filmed by Passenger A British passenger Ethan Williams on the Cathay Pacific flight filmed the scary moments when his flight was forced to make an emergency landing. He was on board Cathay Pacific flight CX844 from Hong Kong to Los Angeles when cabin crew instructed passengers to put their life jackets on.  The plane eventually landed on a military base in the Aleutian Island near Alaska. Cathay Pacific confirmed that an equipment cooling fan failed, and that smoke had filled the cockpit. Do you think we have managed to capture the top 10 aviation videos of 2015? Which one is your favorite? Do you want to see more of those?