A MiG-21 fighter jet of the Libyan Air Force crashed during a parade at Benina military base near Benghazi, killing a pilot.

The incident happened on May 29, 2021, Libyan media announced. There is no information about the cause of the crash.

Earlier, the parade was announced as the largest one in the country’s history.  

The MiG-21bis, introduced in the 70s, is the backbone of the aging Libyan Air Force. In past decades the jets saw heavy fighting in numerous conflicts on Libyan soil, including the country’s civil wars, where the model was used by various sides.

Reportedly, in 2019 and 2020 a number of Benina-stationed MiG-21s were upgraded with new parts supplied by Russia.

The MiG-21 remains one of the oldest fighter jets used by various countries in mass. 

A Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-21 Bison fighter jet belonging to the Indian Air Force crashed near Suratgarh, Rajasthan state, in the evening of January 5, 2021.  
A MiG-21 fighter jet of the Serbian Air Force crashed in Brasina, near the Serbian border with Bosnia and Herzegovina. The pilots of the two-seater aircraft were both reportedly killed, while one person was injured on the ground.