Alexis Joseph David Fafard
Alexis Joseph David Fafard

Alexis Joseph David Fafard

An energetic, committed, and efficient bi-lingual policy and business professional with legislative experience at the Parliament of Canada, Alexis J.D. Fafard is a Canadian lawyer, aviator and entrepreneur. Upon graduation from the University of Ottawa Faculty of Law, in both the common law and civil law curricula, he began his career as a policy advisor to several prominent Canadian parliamentarians in the Senate of Canada. He was engaged with several stakeholder personnel involved in important economic sectors including energy, transportation and high-tech industries while interacting with several parliamentary inquiries. Alexis currently flies with Ottawa Aviation Services Inc. and contributes to the company’s business development. Alexis strongly believes in the use of advanced and creative technology to deliver efficient high quality flight training, given the current and growing global pilot shortage
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