Kirsty Ferguson
Kirsty Ferguson

Kirsty Ferguson

Everyone asks me “how did you get into this line or work” my reply, by a very lucky accident… Ending up in the aviation industry in hindsight, is really not such a surprise, my dad, a WWII Pilot would take we kids to the observation deck of Auckland airport - plane spotting, he loved it and it became a regular adventure. I started in Government roles, Publishing and Advertising before heading into the world of Recruitment where, as a senior member of the team we won a Telstra Industry Business Award. All the while I was coaching pilots on my days off as aviation never left me. I still remember my very first pilot client way back in 2000, I was asked by a colleague to help a young pilot (her boyfriend) with his Cathay Pacific Interview, I worked with him over 6 weeks and yes, he got the job. Using my diverse experience in Business Management, Advertising, Human Resources and Communications, Pinstripe continued to thrive and grow, now coaching in over 20 countries for 35+ airlines as well as the ADF and emergency services. I have amassed an incredible social media following through our relentless blogging and career hub contributions. Using it as a platform to advocate for aviation as a career, to mentor and to encourage industry change and innovation. As a team, we get to help people strive for the career dreams every day. It’s a feel-good job and I cannot think of anything else I would rather do.
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