Incredible Video Of A380 Pilot Landing In Johannesburg

British Airways pilot has filmed himself landing the world’s largest passenger jet in South Africa to help demystify what can be the scariest part of a flight for nervous passengers. Captain Dave Wallsworth and his crew used dashboard and windscreen cameras to capture the Airbus A380’s final approach into Johannesburg on a sunny day in July this year.

He told MailOnline Travel: “I hope that what people take away from it is that we carry out each flight professionally but in a relaxed atmosphere. That there really isn’t anything to worry about. And that if people can see we are enjoying doing our job, they will also feel confident we are completely in control of the situation. I also hope the film inspires the next generation of airline pilots.”

He explained that the question he gets asked most about his life as a pilot is – “are you worried about the responsibility of flying such a big aircraft?” He said: “The answer is, of course, no. If that kind of thing worried you, you wouldn’t be doing the job.” The most common misperception, he said, is that his job is “glamorous”.

Wallsworth aims to produce videos for take-off and landing in every airport that he flies to, and has already filmed a take-off from Heathrow and landing at LAX in Los Angeles. Why Joburg? Because it was a “beautiful morning in South Africa,” he says. “The landing into Johannesburg is normally beautiful as we initially see a superb sunrise over Africa, with some amazing colours.”

The A380’s future as an aircraft is currently in doubt, with Airbus announcing earlier this year that they would cut production, but Wallsworth is a major fan – he calls it “the best airliner in the world, and the one which still makes people stop and watch”.