Everyone Survives After The Private Jet Crashes And Splits In Half

Among the horrible accidents and crashes in aviation industry, sometimes there are lucky incidents. This miraculous case is not an exception. After splitting up in two pieces, the aircraft left the passengers and crew „practically unharmed“.

Last week, passengers flew on a private jet, which was landing on one of the most difficult airport approaches in the world. The plane was landing at Toncontin International Airport in Tegucigalpa, Honduras on Tuesday. It then ran out of the runway and slided into a ditch.

The aircraft then crashed and split in half, but the emergency rescuers state that all of the passengers and the crew are alive. The accident report states that from six to nine people were on board.

After the crash, people from the neighbourhood helped pull the victims out of the wreckage, but none of them were seriously harmed.

The Honduran Civil Aviation Agency said the white G200 Gulfstream jet was flying in from Texas. Later that day the president of Honduras, Juan Orlando Hernandez, posted on Twitter, announcing that all of the crash victims were in stable condition.

Honduras Private Jet Crashes, Leaves Everyone Alive Honduras Private Jet Crashes  

Due to the accident, the airport was temporarily closed. Moreover, about 50,000 people in the neighbourhood lost power. It was because the crashing private jet had hit the power lines. The accident froze the work in the airport for four hours.

The Tegucigalpa‘s airport is known to have one of the most difficult airport approaches in the world. The hard landing conditions appear due to the mountains and neighbourhoods that surround the airport. Over a decade earlier, five people died in an accident, when the plane of the former airline TACA crashed in the nearby spot.

Because of the difficult conditions, a new international airport is being built around 50km from the capital of Honduras.