'Kiki Challenge' With A Plane? Yes, please!

Better known as 'Shiggy challenge' the 'Kiki challenge' is taking over the internet in a speed of light. If you haven't done it by now, you can start planning your time for creating one.

How does it work?

The challenge requires to get out from a vehicle while it is moving and dance to the Drake's song 'In My Feelings'. You have to record all your performance while you are doing the challenge and later on post it on social media platforms.

Viral video of the pilot

Everyone who takes the challenge is trying to make their video and idea how they do it to be the best one. Some get out of a moving car and jump from the bridge, others get out and change their outfits. Many ideas.

But the recent one was made by Alejandra Manriquez who also took this challenge and her video became viral. She took it to the new heights and performed the challenge with a moving plane.

In the video she was taking a break from work hours so it was a perfect time for the challenge. With her there is also a colleague that joins her for the challenge.

The Challenge

It started when comedian Shiggy made a short video where he was dancing from a moving car. And now this challenge is flooding social media platforms with videos. TV and movie stars also are joining and posting their videos on Instagram.

Some videos are made in locations like underwater or traffic jam. But it takes this challenge to a different level when animals are filmed dancing to the lyrics of the Drake's song and doing the challenge.

Every year viral videos are taking over the internet by storm. Many new challenges appear and social media platforms are filled with them.

It only takes a person, a crazy idea and you can create a new wave of viral.