Emirates Cabin Crew Member Dies After Jumping Out Of The B777

A flight attendant dies after jumping from Boeing B777 which was safely landed and parked on a tarmac. The causes of such action by Emirates cabin crew member remain unclear. Currently, an investigation is being executed.

On Wednesday Emirates flight EK729 from Dubai safely landed at Entebbe International Airport in Uganda. It was supposed to come back the same route in a little bit more than an hour. Cabin crew members were preparing for boarding, but there were no passengers on the board yet.

After the incident CAA published a press release which says that  “A female member of the cabin crew appeared to have opened the emergency door and unfortunately fell off an Emirates aircraft that had safely landed and parked,”

The woman experienced severe injuries and was taken to the closest hospital. In a couple of hours, Kisubi Hospital doctors confirmed the death of a flight attendant.

The height of Boeing B777 is around 60 ft. Some eyewitnesses say they saw a woman jumping from the emergency exit door holding a glass bottle under her chin. This information implies that the action might have been a suicide.  The other witness in the interviews for Daily Monitor remembers 'Her knees were shattered and her body cut with broken glass from the bottle she jumped with.’

Some Ugandan news outlets and social media portals have published pictures of a women lying face down on the tarmac. The lady is wearing Emirate‘s flight attendant uniform and there is a circle of blood around her head visible.

  Emirates Cabin Crew Member Dies After Jumping Out Of The B777 Emirates Cabin Crew members holding hands  

Recently some news sources disseminated that the victim is Bulgarian national named Maria. However, this information has not been officially confirmed by the airline or any legal authority.

Emirates spokesperson comments on the situation shortly while the incident is under the investigation ‘We are providing all possible support and care for the affected crew, and will extend our full co-operation to the authorities in their investigation.’