African-American Female Flight Crew Make History

Two pilots made history on Alaska Airlines on May 13. Last week, two African-American females, Captain Tara Wright and First Officer Mallory Cave, together piloted a flight. The flight was made from San Francisco to Portland on Alaska Airlines on May 13. This is the first time ever, when all-black female flight crew piloted for Alaska Airlines.

Upon boarding, while waiting for the plane to take off, Captain Tara Wright made an announcement to flying passengers. “You're sharing a pretty interesting piece of Alaska Airlines' history this morning,” she said. One of the passengers filmed it and posted it on social media. Not long after, the video went viral.

Captain Wright is also the first-ever African-American female pilot to fly for US Airways. After that, she also became the first-ever African-American female pilot to be promoted to Captain in 2017. Captain Wright was also the seventh African-American woman ever to become a captain in major airline history.

“Female pilots, and especially female African American pilots, make up a tiny minority at commercial airlines,” a representative of Alaska Airlines said in an announcement. “Attracting and hiring people who reflect the diversity of our guests supports Alaska's 2018 goal of winning together with our people.”

African-American pilots make history African-American pilots make history  

Captain Wright and First Officer Cave hope that this event will inspire and motivate younger generations. “I thought about my family and I thought about all the young African-American women who would watch the video and be inspired to do something that few others have done — to join us in a career that can be the most fulfilling and satisfying,” said Wright.

“It is possible and that you can accomplish your dreams,” Cave added.

After the video went viral, people expressed hope for future events like this. They pointed out that it should not be a noteworthy and exclusive case, but rather a common thing.