Boeing Is Using Google Glass To Build Airplanes

Boeing has reduced the time taken by technicians to build wire harnesses for its aircraft by incorporating Google Glass. This reality eyewear, may not have been a huge worldwide phenomenon, as it was expected, but it's still finding its way into the workflows of professionals.

The aircrafts have complex wiring, and the workers would refer to PDF documents on a computer screen, and then manually work with the wiring. The complex and intricate wiring used in aircraft requires human hands to do the work. With Glass to replace that computer display, Boeing says it reduced production time for the harnesses by 25 percent and cut error rates in half.

This process is incredibly difficult and time consuming. That is why the company has decided to search for a better solution which will allow employees to finish this process in a much less amount of time and hands-free.  Boeing has actually been searching for an alternative for many years. Back in 1995, the company tried augmented reality with a head-worn apparatus named the Navigator 2. However, due to the limited technology during that time and the cost of hardware, Boeing did not find this idea to be a viable solution.

Google Glass

Fortunately, Google Glass has come into existence. With the aid of Google Glass, employees can finally get some valuable assistance. The use of Google Glass benefits the technicians in other ways as well. If there is a problem, the technician can stream video from the glass to an expert in another location. Instructional videos on the wiring can be accessed as well.

Though it’s great that Boeing has found a better way to handle this wire issue, the price point for Google Glass is still pretty high, at $1,500. At this price, Google Glass may remain purely a tool for larger companies or a novelty item for those who can afford to throw money on it.

Google Glass 2 is set to be released soon.