Finnair Pilot Helps Mom Take Care of Her Baby

As the saying goes, it takes a village to raise a child – and apparently that village includes an airline pilot. Looking after one baby onboard a flight must be hectic enough, but two children and two babies must be near impossible. Luckily, the mother who recently boarded a Finnair flight with her four children had a helping hand.

“Today we had a mother on board travelling with four little boys,” Finnair cabin crew member Ami Niemelä wrote on Instagram. “Two of the boys were just babies.” Niemelä and the entire crew quickly realized the mother traveling from Helsinki to Oulu might need an extra hand or two to help her get to their final destination. “Luckily we had our positioning crew on board and wonderful Tom took the task of being the extra-lap. Don't you find them quite adorable!” she added.

Finnair Pilot Finnair

Due to aviation laws, infants must be seated in a parent’s lap or in an approved child’s seat during takeoff and landing. So instead of simply watching her juggle two infants and two small children, the crew stepped in to provide a helping hand, and an extra lap, for the babies.

In the meantime, United Airlines has spent the majority of this week attempting to get ahead of the ever-spiraling fallout from Sunday's incident with passenger Dao. According to The Guardian, United Airlines has since announced that it will be refunding the tickets for all passengers who were on board United Express Flight 3411 in cash, travel miles, or credits. United CEO Oliver Munoz has publicly apologized to Dr. Dao, his family, and fellow passengers on the flight who watched in horror as he was dragged off the flight with a bloodied face by Chicago airport security.