Shocking Video of Plane Battered by Crosswinds

Amsterdam airport appears to have become a testing ground for pilots with strong crosswinds ripping across the tarmac and tossing planes around. Video captured from the Amsterdam airport shows the hair-raising landings of several passenger jets as they battered by crosswinds. Planes including a KLM and Flybe jet were rocked from side to side as they came in for an extremely rocky touchdown.

The filmmaker said the winds were so strong that one aircraft was forced to abandon its landing and soar back into the air for another attempt, a manoeuvre known as a ‘go around’. For nervous fliers, crosswind landings can be terrifying, but pilots receive thorough training on how to perform them. On approach, they bring the plane in sideways to keep the nose lined up with the runway. It’s a technique known as a ‘crab’ landing.

The first jet - a Flybe Embrae ERJ-170 - pivoted forward and back as it came closer to the tarmac. It then scooted down on its back wheels before eventually bringing down the front as well. A larger KLM plane had a similarly rough landing as it landed in grey mist. Another jet had the worst ride of the lot, bouncing at the very last minute before finally making contact with the earth.

YouTube user Cargospotter initially uploaded the footage on March 26 and again on Monday, this time with audio and a list of each aircraft that touched down. "It’s an amazing feeling when the massive Airbus 380 is touching down on the runway and the nose faces straight at your camera," the user wrote.

“The wind reached speeds up to 45 knots and after a few hours the runway had to be closed because too many pilots complained about the crosswinds.”

In February Storm Doris caused a similar effect.