Plane From Houston Makes Emergency Landing

An airplane made an emergency landing at San Antonio International Airport on Sunday afternoon after reporting landing gear issues.

The SkyWest flight 5588, operating under United Express, departed from Houston en route to Monterrey, Mexico. During the flight, the pilot received a notification that there was an issue with a gear, the airline said. The emergency was declared just after 2:40 p.m. The plane had to circle the flight tower before landing safely. Video posted on social media by a passenger shows the passengers were relatively calm before and after the plane landed.

A spokesman with San Antonio Fire Department said the nose of the aircraft collapsed during landing. The emergency exit slides on the plane were deployed.

“They just announced brace, brace, brace.” said Josh Almoite who was on board. “Some people were crying. We were holding our brace position for landing. I was very scared. But I was trying to be calm. But the lady next to me was already panicking.”

“People would think that it’s not as serious because there was no explosion. But when you are inside the plane actually, you don’t know what to think about.” Josh Almoite said. “You’re just scared. You’re just there and it’s happening. It was surreal.”

Skywest airlines released the following statement about UA flight 5588:

SkyWest Flight 5588, operating as United Express from Houston to Monterrey, Mexico, diverted to San Antonio, Texas after the crew received a gear indication. Upon landing in San Antonio, the nosegear failed. The crew deployed the emergency slides. All 51 passengers and four crew are being transported to the terminal. There were no serious injuries reported.

Mechanics were dispatched to inspect the aircraft. SkyWest is conducting a full investigation into what may have caused the incident.

Nearly two dozen emergency units responded to the scene.