The 3 Most Adorable Pilots in Flight Proposals

Getting proposed to on a plane over 30,000 feet up in the sky sounds really romantic. You can’t always pick where the person you love will get down on one knee, but if he chooses to do it while you are surfing the clouds on a commercial airline, it may not be that bad. Watch as these pilots surprises their girlfriends mid-flight with sweet proposals!

1. Alaska Airlines flight

Hollenbeck had no idea her boyfriend, whom she hadn’t seen in 19 days thanks to their busy airline schedules, was on the Seattle to Juneau flight she’d been working; the flight crew had sneaked him aboard and placed him in the cockpit’s jump seat. It was only when Hollenbeck had started beverage service when Greener popped out of the cockpit, took over the plane’s intercom and popped the question.

“Brandy Hollenbeck, I’ve loved you since the moment I met you and I want to be the man for you for the rest of your life,” Greener says in the video, which was shot by an Alaska Airlines employee. “Will you marry me?” Cue applause from thrilled passengers, tears from a shocked Hollenbeck (she was so taken aback she’d forgotten to say yes), and a loving embrace between the newly engaged couple.

2. Captain proposes to cabin crew with heart-shaped fly path

Captain Charles Borg Giuliano planned the route around Sicily and Mount Etna carefully to create a perfect heart-shaped fly path. He then told his First Officer to name the last GPS coordinates Will, You, Marry and Me.

When he decided to make his move, Cpt. Borg asked his cabin crew girlfriend, Julia Lynne Saliba to enter the flight deck and see the navigation display, which spelled out: Will You Marry Me?

In Flight proposals

3. An Australian pilot proposed during an in-flight announcement

In-flight announcements can be pretty easy to ignore for many frequent flyers, but one pilot recently used the intercom for a very important announcement that certainly got one passenger’s attention.

Captain Ellis, a Qantas pilot for the last 30 years, took the mic to ask a question. In a video posted by Qantas, Ellis explained that there’s someone special on the flight, his girlfriend Anna. He said that while she is on her way to South America to visit her family, he wanted to ensure she would come back to him in Australia. He then goes on to ask the question: “Quieres casarte conmigo? Will you marry me?”

Ellis then heads to her seat with a ring and a bouquet, and gets down on one knee. Naturally, Anna accepted the proposal – much to the delight of the other passengers.

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