Insane Helicopter Landing on a Navy Ship

Stomach-churning footage has emerged showing a helicopter pilot’s incredible bravery as he manages to land on a moving ship battling gale-force winds and huge waves.

The incredible landing was filmed by the Royal Danish Air Force while testing a new Sikorsky SH-60 Seahawk helicopter it recently bought from the U.S. Navy. According to the Danish Air Force, the landing took place aboard a Thetis-class patrol vessel during a moderate gale in the North Atlantic near the Faroe Islands.

As the wind and waves throw the vessel around Mr Matthews, who is an experimental test pilot and director of Prism Defence, has to judge the angles to perfection.

The test, carried out last month, was the final of five such trials designed to put pilots – who must land on each class of ship – through their paces in foul conditions. The crew waited for three weeks in waters off the Faroe Islands, between Iceland and Norway, until the weather was nasty enough to present a true challenge. Video of the exercise shows just what the Danish test pilot had to contend with. Also with the Aries climbing and plunging up and down a mountainous ocean.

Insane Helicopter Landing on a Navy ship

"When you sit out there in the darkness, there are big waves and strong wind, and the ship swings, and water whips over the helideck, then you become a little bit anxious," the pilot told Ingenioren.

"We had an American pilot with the US Navy, and he had never tried anything like it. For him it was a bit of an eye-opener, and I am pretty sure that we have pushed the boundaries of what a Seahawk has been exposed to."

The test was successful, however, with the pilot waiting for a brief window of calm before making a near-perfect touchdown.