Passenger Turns Flight Departure Lounge Into Karaoke Session

Usually waiting for a plane is quite a monotonous affair, but one bored passenger at a US airport turned the wait into an all out party when he grabbed the flight announcer's intercom and turned the departure lounge into a rocking karaoke bar.

The man was part of a group of passengers whose flight was delayed at the Louis Armstrong New Orleans International Airport, according to the Daily Mail. Passengers cheered him on as he added some hip dance moves, while airline gate attendants joined in with backup vocals. Mike Vadala, the user who posted the video, said the incident happened after Southwest Airlines staff joked that passengers would have to get up and sing if they asked questions during the delay.

Starting with the Oasis classic Wonderwall, the man really got everyone going when he launched into Blackstreet's No Diggity, getting the crowd to join in as he danced around the check-in desk. Adding some funky dance moves to the mix, his performance generated huge cheers from the appreciative crowd, who were clearly fascinated by the entertainment.

The footage has generated plenty of cheer from social media users.

One, Dottie Moffitt, said: “I love seeing strangers, laughing and enjoying the moment together. We all aren't that different, at the end of the day.”

A second, Brandy McClain Hallock, added: "He is great. Too cool! What a fun thing to do at a crowded gate.”

Another, Michelle Linne, said: “How is this guy not married?? (I didn't see a ring)”, while a man called Michael Scott Randall chimed in: “I’ve witnessed a few performances at this gate in person. It always cheers up the travelers. Shout out to these gate attendants for their positive actions.”

Mr Vadala finished his Facebook post simply by saying: "This guy went off!"