Six hour flight on Blah Airlines. See Virgin's hilarious and kind of creepy Blah Airlines video! Virgin America has sponsored a film that takes five hour and 45 minutes running time to show us what a blah airlines looks like. "Blah airlines flight 101" is going to debut Friday, April 10, at the Dallas International Film Festival. Virgin America says the movie is “set on board a Blah Airlines flight – the boring, beige and dull antithesis of the innovative and stylish experience when flying Virgin America”.

Film charts real-time flight on a fictive rival airline - no name other than Blah - where all the passengers are terrible-looking mannequins. The message, of course, is a dig at flying on Blah Airlines instead of on hip Virgin America. The "passengers" (their teeth are especially disturbing) take this awful flight where there is no decent food, no entertainment options and no mood lighting! Blah Airlines has a website too that purposely seems to take awhile to load. It speculates on its planes such as "three types of seats: Aisle, Middle and Window," "Rear-mounted magazine pouches" and "Windows on every plane." Yes, it's funny, but after all, six-hour film becomes extremely, extremely boring and annoying. If you've got some leisure time, you can watch entire film here.