Surviving A Plane Crash: How To Be Prepared In Case Of An Emergency

Every time when on board you probably wonder "what if the plane won't reach the destination?". But what you should be aware of is also the knowledge of the tips that might save your life. Or at least increase the chances of surviving a plane crash. On Board On Board We are aware that the modern airplanes are designed to ensure maximum safety in the event of an emergency. But we still know, that sometimes planes do crash. Christine Negroni, the author of a book 'The Crash Detectives: Investigating The World's Most Mysterious Air Disasters" presents top things that might save your life in a plane crash.
  1. Safety briefing. In the event of an emergency landing many people experience a type of paralysis called negative panic. In these cases, passengers often start wandering and looking around at others and what they are doing. Pay attention to the cabin crew and what they are saying.
  2. Wearing shoes. In an emergency landing you won't feel comfortable being barefoot. The floors might be filled with oil or just can be extremely cold.
  3. Say "no" to yoga pants. And there is a really good reason. In an emergency landing if there is a fire, yoga pants can stick to your skin because of the artificial fibres. Cotton outfit is always a better idea.
  4. Take care of your sleeping tablet. But be sure, that you listen about the safety, you know where the nearest emergency exit is and be aware who is sitting next to you.
  5. Worry about turbulence only when your seatbelt is off. But it's better to wear it always.
  6. Phone. If you want to keep your phone in the event of a crash - have it in your hand.
Holding Your Phone Holding Your Phone
  1. Say "no" to headphones during landing. You need to be attentive if the flight attendant will say something.
Headphones Headphones
  1. Take only one alcoholic beverage. Don't have more. You need to be concentrated if there would be an emergency.
More tips for surviving a plane crash: