Afraid Of Bacteria? Better Watch Out! These Are The Germiest Spots In The Airport

Every day millions of people travel around the world. The airports are never empty. To find a comfy and clean place in the airport sometimes might be challenging. Especially if you have to change your flight to reach your destination and spend your time finding proper seating.

But what scares most of the travelers are germs and all the bacteria. Some of those might be harmful. Unless you have a good immune system and the viruses do not scare you.

There are some places you should probably avoid touching bare handed or at least to be prepared for it with baby wipes. Avoiding specific places in airports might save your health and also - keep away from the nasty feeling.

These are the top places in the airports with the highest bacteria numbers:

Your Seat On The Plane. Back in 2014  a group of people made a research that proved airports and airplanes bacteria life cycles. They sterilized everything between the plane seat and tray table and put some of the bacteria on them. It included plane seats, window shades, seat pocket and the main germs hub - plastic tray tables.

They found out that these germs can stay for several days or weeks on board. Some of them developed a life cycle of a week. Even the research was not meant to scare the passengers, it was an alarm for the airlines.

Water Fountain Buttons. Apparently, this place is like a living colony of bacteria. It is the germiest spot of every airport around the world. To make a comparison, it can form around 1,240 colony units per square inch. When the bathroom - only 70 colony units per square inch. That is scary, we know.

Probably it is like this for one good reason. Bathrooms are cleaned more often than the water fountains. God bless the cleaning lady!

The Tray Table. Yes, you heard it right. It is no surprise the tray table on the back of your seat might be one of the germiest places. Someone spill liquids, some but medicine on them or worst - sneeze.

Tray tables can collect 2,155 colony-units per square inch.

Next time wipe the tray table before putting your food there. That might save you from the bacteria if you do not have an immune system.

Airport Airport  

TSA Bins. If you are in the airport - you will touch it.

Microbiologists tested some samples of the TSA bins. And of course, they have germs. But what can be alarming is that some of them have bacteria that can affect passengers health and make them ill.

What we can see is that airport are trying to eliminate the viruses as much as they can by cleaning the spaces. But next time when you travel, you might take some wipes and sanitizer. You might need it.