8 Things That Will Improve The Quality Of Your Flight And Will Save You Time

For most of us, traveling gives joy. From the minute we start planning to the moment we reach our destination. We search for the best flight deals and book them in advance to avoid higher costs. But if you are traveling together with a family, that might be challenging. And if you are traveling alone, sometimes it can be more stressful than you thought it will be.

Here are 8 tips that will help you to improve your flying comfortability and will save you some time at the airport. Whether you travel alone or together with your family.

Collecting travel points

Many airlines provide the ability to collect travel points and to exchange them for something. Of course, it depends on the airline company, but they work similarly. When you travel, the miles are summed in an app and converted to points. Later on, they can be exchanged to plane tickets, better seats or other benefits. It is useful for families when they travel together with children and for single travelers if they spend a lot of their time up in the air.

Also, finding out the relationships between the carrier and other companies can also benefit. In that case, you will have an opportunity to exchange your travel points for booking a hotel room, rent a car or more.

Discounted fares for family

If you are traveling together with your family and infant on your lap, the journey might not be that good as you thought it will be. In this case, the best option would be letting your child collect the traveled miles together with you. This will give you the chance to increase the traveled miles and to receive your benefits faster. For example, a free ticket for your child.

In this case, you should make a research which airlines are offering this option before purchasing your flight tickets. For example, these are the airlines, that offer this choice at the moment for collected travel miles: Lufthansa, JetBlue, Etihad.

Taking care of your itinerary

In this case, it is important to know how to act, what to say and to whom. Because knowing how to ask and where might save you expenses and time.

Sometimes people do not know about the rights that they have at the airport. For example, if your flight is delayed, depending on how many hours, you have to receive some complimentary benefits. Also, if the flight is delayed until the next morning, airlines must provide a hotel room for the night.

But the best thing would be to look at what your credit card provider can offer and reimburse. Sometimes it is possible to choose a hotel room and a taxi on your own and to collect the receipts. After that, present them to your credit card provider for the reimbursement. But if you want to get the reimbursement you must also provide the proof of the delayed flight.

Meals and snacks

The best way would be using airport apps. They have options like delivering meals to your gate or pre-ordering food before you enter the airport. Then you are allowed to skip the line and take your food in no time.

Meals And Snacks Meals And Snacks

TSA PreCheck

Transportation Security Administration's screening program for some can give a headache. It is always better to check who is standing in front of you in the line and to avoid some of the travelers if you want to go through faster. But the best would be signing for the TSA PreCheck. It takes time before your journey but it will save you some time at the airport if you are in a rush.

If you are traveling with a family, PreCheck TSA line should be one of the top priorities.

Choosing the right travel time

The feeling when your flight is delayed until the next morning is not the best one. This is why the best travel time is early in the morning. Why? Imagine evening flight when the crew was already working all day and due to delays can't continue the shift. You will not reach your destination in time if this will happen.

Travel Time Travel Time


If you feel that purchasing a plane ticket that gives you the priority of entering the lounge at the airport is expensive and unnecessary, you can always receive it with your credit card package. Before ordering a credit card always make research on what benefits it will give you besides making your purchases. It can start with the priority boarding or even a relaxing time at the airport lounge.

Keep the children busy

Young parents are aware of this. But paying for your purchases or checking in the luggage is not the time when you should also give extra attention to your child. You want to make sure all is done and nothing will be lost during your flight. In this case, the best thing can be giving your child a tablet with games installed there. Playing mind games and doing puzzles will focus all the attention of the child into the screen.

Of course, nowadays there are many discussions about if children should or should not be given tablets and smartphones. But if the right apps for your loved one are installed, then there is nothing to worry about.

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