Mysterious Sickness On Board. What Happened On These Flights?

Mysteries can be wonderful and intriguing. But most of the time they bring up many questions. And what happened on these flights is a mystery itself. In one week two flights had an emergency landing when sickness attacked passengers on board. One airplane departed from Dubai and landed in JFK Airport in the United States. Another one was heading from Spain to England. What happened?

From Spain to England

Travelers started passing out and some were seriously injured when sickness attacked them. It caused chaos on board. When the plane reached Leeds, England, passengers were not allowed to leave home until medics checked their condition.

One traveler shared emotions on Facebook and thanked the staff for how well they handled this situation: "Arrived from Salou late last night after a very eventful flight. Just want to praise the cabin crew for how well they dealt with the incidents on board."

"Everything going on around them and still smiling and staying calm right to the end of the flight. Thank you for keeping us all safe you did a fantastic job."

As said by the Jet2 spokesperson after this incident "We can confirm that the crew on board flight LS298 from Reus to Leeds Bradford Airport arranged an ambulance for two passengers who were taken ill."

The spokesperson informed in a statement that "All other passengers disembarked as normal and continued their journeys. The safety and care of our customers is always our first priority."

Mysterious Sickness On Board From Spain To England Mysterious Sickness On Board From Spain To England

From Dubai to the United States

On September 5th, Emirates aircraft with 520 passengers on board was forced to land in JFK airport. Some of the travelers with cabin crew felt strange symptoms and after landing were taken to the hospital immediately. Authorities have said that "Given the symptoms that we are seeing in the patients and given the history that they present, it looks like this is probably infuenza. But again, until we have our final results late tonight we won't be able to give a final determination on what the underlying cause is of this illness." Flight from Dubai on Wednesday, Sept. 5, 2018. (Larry Coben via AP) Flight from Dubai on Wednesday, Sept. 5, 2018. (Larry Coben via AP) Social media sites are flooded with information about the event. Also from Robert Van Winkle, known as Vanilla Ice. He posted on Twitter and Facebook about seeing ambulance outside and the sickness that appeared on board. Also he wrote that passengers who got sick were sitting on a different floor. They were on the first and he was on the second.">All of the passengers were worried that sick people might infect the healthy. But after the medics came, they calmed down.

Should we be scared?

Of course not. The cabin crew is trained to help and handle the situations like this. And in both cases the crew did it perfectly. Still, it is not known what can be the real cause of so many planes with sick passengers on board. Experts are trying to figure that out and to resolve the mystery of this. And we can only hope this will not happen again. But if it would, we can be sure the cabin crew will take care of this.