How Air New Zealand's Uniforms Have Served Over Decades

Air New Zealand has revealed the glamour history of the airline, having launched its first flight in 1940. For over 70 years, the flight attendant uniforms have evolved showing off some very unique and different styles. New pictures reveal some of the best outfits that have been designed by some of the top designers including Christian Dior and Nina Ricci. Between 1946 to 1949, there were just six flight attendants who worked on the aircraft, all women.

Air New Zealand's Uniforms How it all started between 1946 and 1949.   Air New Zealand's Uniforms The uniform between 1958 and 1961.   Air New Zealand's Uniforms An air stewardess wears the Dior-designed uniform.  

First, they were influenced by WWII, which gave them a formal and military aesthetic, before they went clean, white and clinical for the fifties. A decade later, they introduced the first designer uniform - by Christian Dior. Christian Dior created a chic look for the fashion attendants in the swinging 60’s, offering a teal suit that was styled with a white blouse and black gloves. A half-tucked hat offset the elegance of the decade.

Air New Zealand's Uniforms 1970s   Air New Zealand's Uniforms Don't forget the shoulder pads!  

Another designer collaboration in 1976 by Nina Ricci created a more mellow style with oversized colours and printed blouses. Patterns featured heavily in the airline's outfits from 1978, with blue prints being the look from 1978 through to the 1980s.

Shoulder pads were also added in the area, showing off sharp tailored suits reminiscent of the era.

Air New Zealand's Uniforms The current cabin crew uniform - which was launched in 2010.  

In 1992, a more formal outfit was introduced in blue and teal with suit dresses and trousers featuring much more subtle prints. Their most recent outfits were launched in 2010, offering a modern look at the recent era with pink pinstripes and bold printed skirts and ties.