Is Airbnb Launching An Airline?

Airbnb is reportedly considering launching an airline. Multi-billion company with the CEO Brian Chesky ahead is well known for innovative and unusual solutions. Offering flying services would take it to a completely new level however it is a very long way to go there yet.

Recently Brian Chesky gave an interview for the Sunday Time during which he stated that “We’ve seriously considered a lot of things around aviation and we’ve spent a lot of time exploring different concepts.” However, he later added that even if the company makes a decision to go into this business it will be done only when they are sure about it.

Chesky also shared a vision of expanding Airbnb's services and making the company “one-stop shop for travel.” He compares Airbnb with Amazon‘s „one-stop shop for shopping“ and imagines the company providing a full traveling experience. CEO often shares a story of the birth of a company and always emphasizes that Airbnb is more than just a sofa to crash on. It is taking care of guests, showing them the places around, eating traditional foods and doing other things which can only be available for locals.

Is Airbnb Launching An Airline? Airbnb CEO Brian Chesky

The interview for the Sunday Time is not the only reason making us believe that Airbnb is secretly planning to launch an airline. Last year Chesky posted a tweet asking his followers what would make their flying experience perfect. The company was working on a new tool for making flight booking easier. However, now it seems that Airbnb is not going to settle for only flights and cars booking, they want to take the control into their own hands instead of being only intermediaries.

Nevertheless to establish a trustworthy and fully operating airline might take years or even decades. Though knowing Chesky‘s eagerness for innovation, risky decisions and long-term thinking it might become a reality faster than critics can imagine.