The Ranking Of The Best And Worst Airlines In The US

The Points Guy – one of the most popular traveling blogs in the US has made a list of the best and the worst airlines of 2018. The ranking is based on various criteria from public statistics to the financial records and customer satisfaction.

In order to execute the study and rank airlines fairly taking into consideration that travelers’ needs are different, The Point Guy developed a customized tool. It allows each voter to adjust the weight of criteria. For example, some passengers are not traveling frequently, so loyalty programs are not in their interest, but meals and on-time arrivals might be their first priority.

J. Keel, the senior analyst of The Points Guy says “Everything that you could possibly think about that an airline does in its day-to-day operations, we’ve included in this study“. The list of criteria consists of ten main factors which are divided into 6 different categories such as price, convenience, headaches, and extras.

  The Ranking Of The Best And Worst Airlines In The US Ranking Criteria  

This year the list ranked only nine airlines since Virgin America is counted with Alaska Airlines as a result of their merge in 2017 and Allegiant Air was not involved due to the lack of data.

For the second consecutive year, Alaska Airways has been announced as the best airline in America. They earned the first place due to its fair pricing, convenient baggage allowances, and general customer satisfaction. The runner-up was Southwest which climbed to this position all the way from the sixth place last year. Their rapidly expanding network was one of the reasons allowing to be ranked in such a high position. The third was Delta and it is a great accomplishment for the airline which was in the 7th position last year. Delta has improved tickets pricing and flying statistics.

However, JetBlue experienced a sharp decrease in a ranking, they dropped from the 4th to the 8th place. According to the voters, this happened mainly because of their worse performance in on-time arrival and negative trends in baggage and change fees. The last in the list was Hawaiian Airlines, even though it is no the worst airline according to the customer satisfaction but it has a minimal geographical coverage and comparatively high cost of the airframe.

  The Ranking Of The Best And Worst Airlines In The US Airlines Ranking change in 2017 and 2018