Dog Dies In An Overhead Bin After Being Put There By United’s Flight Attendant

A dog died in United Airlines flight when a flight attendant forced the owner to put him in the overhead compartment. Cabin crew denies these allegations, but witnesses claim differently.

United Airlines takes full responsibility for the incident and apologizes to the family.  In an announcement, they say “this was a tragic accident that should never have occurred, as pets should never be placed in the overhead bin."

Catalina boarded a plane from Houston to New York with her 2 children, 11-year-old daughter and 2-month-old infant on Monday night. They were also carrying their 10-month-old bulldog Kokito. They kept the dog in a special, airlines approved carrier as usual and placed him under the seat in front.

A couple of minutes later Catalina was approached by one of the flight attendants. The passenger was asked to put the dog carrier in the overhead compartment. Catalina refused to do so, she has never been asked this before as they have flown with Kokito previously. However, having an infant on her laps and a daughter aside she decided to comply because she was afraid she might be asked to leave the plane otherwise. Moreover, flight attendant assured the dog is safe and nothing can happen to him.   

The flight was supposed to take three hours though almost all the time the turbulence was felt so passengers could not leave their seats. Neither did Catalina. Witnesses say the dog was barking for the first 30 minutes and then ceased.

Right after aircraft landed Catalina took out the dog carrier from the overhead bin to find her puppy dead. It took a couple of minutes for the owner to realize that Kokito is not breathing anymore when she burst into tears.

One of the passengers nearby remembers the situation  “A stranger offered to hold her newborn while she sat on the floor, there in the airplane aisle. She was holding her dog and rocking back and forth. Her daughter was also crying.“

Passengers also ads that flight attendants reacted quite quickly „Many other crew members were contacting additional help and offering a blanket to the young girl who seemed cold. They were confused at how that individual flight attendant could have done this but did not seem to take any sides or blindly defend,”

United Airlines took actions to express their condolence and investigating the incident. They have refunded the tickets for Catalin and her kids, also the pet fee which is usually 125$.

However, this dog is not the only one died on United Airlines flights. During the last year, 18 dogs died on their flights when only 6 cases were recorded in all of the rest Airlines combined.