Emirates A380 makes longest non-stop flight

Emirates has unseated Qantas Airways as the record holder for the world's longest flight. An Emirates Airbus A380 touched down in New Zealand on Wednesday, completing what is believed to be the world’s longest non-stop scheduled commercial flight. The Emirates A380 plane covered about 14,200km (8,824 miles) when it touched down in Auckland, New Zealand on Wednesday. The return flight to Dubai left around 22:20 local time (15:20 GMT), according to New Zealand media.

The Auckland-Dubai portion was estimated to take around 17 hours and 15 minutes, but in the end took only 16 hours and 24 minutes, according to BBC. The successful Emirates A380 flight bumps the previous record holder Qantas’ 8,576-mile route between Dallas and Sydney to the world’s second longest flight. A Qantas Dallas-Sydney flight which covers 13,800km was the longest flight by duration, clocking in at about 16 hours and 55 minutes.

Emirates is set to break its own longest flight record with the launch of its non-stop route between Dubai and Panama City, Panama — a  17-hour-35-minute flight. Emirates described it as “one of the longest air routes in the world by distance”. Despite the longer time in air, the Dubai-Panama route actually covers fewer miles — about 236 fewer than the Dubai - Auckland trek. The launch, which had been slated for March 31, will now occur in late 2016 or early 2017 due to "operational factors".

Though the inaugural Dubai-Auckland flight was made by Emirates A380 plane, the long-haul route will usually be flown by a Boeing 777. The 266-seat jet boasts eight first-class “suites,” 42 lie-flat business-class seats and 216 economy-class seats. New Zealand Transport Minister Simon Bridges said the non-stop service, which cuts three hours off current Dubai-Auckland travel times, improved New Zealand’s connectivity to the rest of the world.“Direct flights will encourage even more trade and tourism between our two countries, by offering more choice to passengers and freight customers,” he said.


Here you can see Emirates A380 crosswind landing at Düsseldorf:



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