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AeroTime Team
What prospects do pilots face now & after crisis?

A year ago, the aviation industry was struggling with a pilot shortage, while now furloughs, salary cuts and layoffs hav...

AeroTime Team
At what time would lessors step in and repossess aircraft?

Under normal circumstances, if an airline is late on making payments for leased planes, the leasing company would come a...

AeroTime Team
Is Etihad’s record MRO operation way to go for all airlines?

The general rule in aviation proclaims: an aircraft is making money when it is flying. But under current circumstances,...

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“Preighter” operations pass the peak

“Preighter” operations ‒ a peculiarity widely spread and seen during the COVID-19 crisis ‒ is now entering a...

AeroTime Team
Has COVID-19 saved cargo from demise?

Air freight industry was on a downward spiral before the COVID-19 hit. Industry experts discuss whether the crisis...

Clement Charpentreau
After alarming report, PIA takes action on “fake pilot licenses”

The Pakistan Civil Aviation Authority carried out an investigation that found that 40% of pilots in the country held fak...

Rytis Beresnevicius
Another one: NokScoot announces liquidation

Unfortunately, the COVID-19 crisis has claimed another airline, as NokScoot declared that it will liquidate its business...

Clement Charpentreau
EASA bans Pakistan International Airlines from European airspace

As a consequence of the recent investigation that found 40% of Pakistani pilots to hold dubious degrees, the European Un...