Clement Charpentreau
Clement Charpentreau

Clement Charpentreau

Specialized in Defense Aviation and Aviation Safety
“With the plane, we learned to move in straight lines.” ‒ Antoine de Saint-Exupéry. Experienced Journalist, having proved his skills in newsrooms across France and Lithuania. Specialized in defense aviation, he also holds a particular interest in the role of the aviation industry in international relations. (Cover picture: Pascal Subtil, Flickr)
Zara Rutherford becomes youngest woman to fly solo around the world
First six Hellenic Air Force Rafale fighters arrive in Greece
Airbus opens aircraft maintenance and recycling facility in China
South Korea’s new ‘Code One’ presidential aircraft enters service
Spanish Typhoon fighters now employ Meteor air-to-air missiles
CC-115 Buffalo search and rescue aircraft flies its last mission in Canada
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France completes first engine test for its 6th generation fighter
First newly-built Russian strategic bomber Tu-160M completes maiden flight
Ryanair flight triggers first NATO interception of 2022
Newly-inducted F-16V fighter crashes into the sea off Taiwan
Germany reconsiders the F-35 to replace the Tornado
Greece to begin flying Rafale fighters, one year after order
Airlines suspend flights to Almaty amid Kazakhstan unrest
India to begin evaluating the Rafale M fighter for Vikrant aircraft carrier
Norway to phase out F-16 fighters and shut down Bodø air base in the Arctic