Clement Charpentreau
Clement Charpentreau

Clement Charpentreau

Specialized in Defense Aviation and Aviation Safety
“With the plane, we learned to move in straight lines.” ‒ Antoine de Saint-Exupéry. Experienced Journalist, having proved his skills in newsrooms across France and Lithuania. Specialized in defense aviation, he also holds a particular interest in the role of the aviation industry in international relations. (Cover picture: Pascal Subtil, Flickr)
Divers find missing wreck of SE.203 Aquilon fighter jet
Indian Navy MiG-29 crashes into Arabian Sea, 1 pilot missing
Volga-Dnepr grounds Antonov An-124 fleet after crash-landing
Passengers provide identical COVID tests, flight canceled
International flights banned from India till end of 2020
USAF tests B-1B Lancer capacity to carry hypersonic weapons
USAF F-35A achieves supersonic nuclear bomb drop-test
Indra to lead FCAS new generation sensors design
British Airways Boeing 747 catches fire at Castellón Airport
Japanese Air Force bids farewell to last F-4EJ squadron
governmental plane completes maiden flight
Despite skeptic Swiss lawmakers, US moves forward with F-35 offer
Hungarian Air Force orders two Embraer KC-390 transport planes
French Navy to receive new eyes in the sky from Dassault
French “Jetman” dies during training in Dubai
Boeing 777 fuel tank cracks causing leaks prompt FAA directive