The second prototype of the MC-21-300 took off for its maiden flight on May 12, 2018, at Irkut testing aerodrome, in Irkutsk, Russia. The plane maker, part of the Russian United Aircraft Corporation (UAC), aims for mass production by 2019.

The maiden flight was composed of primary tests regarding the plane stability, wing configuration and landing gears retraction. Its speed did not exceed 400 km/h.

The MC-21 (short for Magistral Aircraft of the 21st Century), is a narrow-body, twin-engine, short-to-medium-haul jetliner. It has the capacity of 132-211 passengers across its MC-21-200 and MC-21-300 configurations, respectively, with the range of up to 3,240 nmi (6,000 km). At the moment, work is proceeding only on the MC-21-300 variant, which will be followed by a shortened MC-21-200.

The first prototype started flight tests almost a year ago, on May 28, 2017. The two planes are currently powered by two Pratt & Whitney PW1400G but will eventually also be fitted with the new Russian-produced Aviadvigatel PD-14 once it will be certified by the Russian Air Transport Agency. A third prototype exists, but is only dedicated to static tests.

The Russian Minister of Industry Denis Manturov declared during the event held at Irkutsk Aviation Plant: “The flight of the second aircraft is a significant event that will ensure the timely conduct of flight certification tests.” The UAC expects the Russian certification to be delivered in 2019, and the EASA one by 2020.