Vietnam Airlines raised wages for all its employees, including pilots, starting from June 2018. The national carrier is attempting to tackle a surge of pilots resignations due to complaints of “high pressure and low salary.”

Since 2015, about 223 Vietnam Airlines pilots have resigned, of which 33 alone in 2018, according to Vietnamnet. They complained about a high pressure environment and pointed out  to 30% to 40% lower salaries than the ones perceived by foreign pilots within the company. Some additional protests emerged, as pilots were requested to give a 120 days notice before resignation, and were asked to pay for their training costs.

Le Dinh Tho, Deputy Minister of Transport, called for the problem to be solved fast, in order to “stabilize the pilots spirit”. The financial projection submitted by Vietnam Airlines to the Ministry of Transport shows that pilots should receive a global raise in their salaries, with adjustments depending on which aircraft they are operating. As for the difference between domestic and foreign pilots, the company stated the salaries of the latter are aligned on the global market in order to be attractive.

Currently, Vietnam Airlines reportedly employs around 1,000 pilots and operates a fleet of 85 aircraft from both Boeing and Airbus.