According to the European Commission, recent changes in Ryanair compensation conditions could be under violation of the European legislation. Vera Jourova, the Commissioner in charge of Consumer Protection, has called for an examination of the terms on October 4, 2018.

It was reported by Belgian media Le Soir that under new conditions, travelers in certain EU Member States had to apply to a court in Ireland for any claim for compensation to Ryanair. Alarmed, Jourova has called Consumer Protection Authorities to take action.

The change was noticed by the Belgian consumer protection association Test Achats on October 2, 2018. In an official statement, the association also points at the “misinformation organized by the company during the strikes of the last two months, denying any form of compensation in the context of internal social conflict.”

Ryanair denied having changed its terms of use, saying the condition cited by Test Achats dates back to 2010. The LCC also says that it only targets companies specialized in the recovery of indemnities which are dealt with by the Irish courts “by virtue of a jurisdictional clause.” As for a client which saw its EU261 claim filed directly to the airline rejected, they are “free to assert their rights in the Belgian courts if they wish.”