A helicopter of the Afghan National Army crashed shortly after takeoff on October 31, 2018, in Farah province, west of Afghanistan, killing 25 people on board.

The helicopter, which took off from Anar Dara, Farah province capital, was carrying two pilots and 23 passengers, including the head of the Farah council, another council member and the deputy corps commander of Afghanistan’s western zone.

It was accompanied by another helicopter, and was en route to the neighboring province of Herat, according to Naser Mehri, a spokesman for the governor of Farah province.

While Mehri reported that the helicopter hit a peak because of “bad weather”, the Taliban insurgents claimed they shot it down.

The region of Farah has seen increased Taliban activity since the beginning of 2018. Helicopter is the prefered means of transportation for Afghan officials in tensed areas of the country.