The UK seems to have a hard time paving a soft way out of the EU, which does not let their airlines feel at ease as the current agreements affecting the aviation industry will have to be renegotiated. One of such agreements pushes easyJet to acquire another air operator certificate (AOC) and establish a new airline.

At the moment, easyJet has AOC of UK and Switzerland. The Alpine state not being part of the EU, their AOC does not allow the British low-cost carrier to fly between the EU countries as well as EU and UK itself, yet for now, until Brexit, the certificate provided by the UK does. To stay afloat after the UK formally leaves EU, easyJet decided to apply for the Austrian AOC.

“Following a rigorous and comprehensive process, easyJet earlier this year applied to Austro Control for an Air Operator Certificate (AOC) and to Austria's Federal Ministry for Transport, Innovation and Technology (bmvit) for an airline operating licence,” states easyJet.

Having acquired the AOC and the license from Austria, easyJet will be able to establish a new company, easyJet Europe, in Vienna. Convenient choice of place and magnitude of the carrier allows the company to assure quick establishment: “The people and planes that will fly for easyJet Europe are already employed and based in EU27 countries”.

“The new structure means that easyJet would become a pan European airline group with three airlines based in Austria, Switzerland and the UK.  All of these will be owned by easyJet plc which itself will be EU owned and controlled, listed on the London Stock Exchange and based in the UK,” comments the company.