MAKS-2017 Air Show, which has concluded on July 23, has exposed many of fascinating tech pieces, including improved and brand new aircraft. The organizers of the show also made sure the crowd can observe the innovation in a well-prepared spectacle and so leaving some memorable highlights.

One of the notable pieces are the fifth-generation multi purpose fighter jets Sukhoi PAK-FA T-50. These aircraft are going to replace Su-27 in front line tactical aviation. 12 of them are expected to be delivered to Russian Air Force by 2019.



MiG-35 with new design and modifications has also conducted the first public flight. The enhanced version of the aircraft which has conducted the first flight in 2007 is the successor of MiG-29 and is also expected to get the attention of foreign buyers like India.


The helicopter industry also presented some innovative products, including an upgraded version of the Mi-28NE, which features twin control for both pilots and mas-mounted radar, also new Mi-171Sh-VN, constructed for special forces with regard to experience acquired from the conflict in Syria.

Mi-28NE is designed to for search and destroy operations against land, sea and air targets.

The drone industry also received attention during the airshow. Russian Helicopters displayed the prototypes of drones built for ice observation and operation in the arctic environment. The VRT300 Arctic Supervision is designed to assist Northeast Passage transport system and explore the Arctic Region.

The VRT300 has a maximum speed of 180km/h and an operational range of 150km.​