Saudi Arabia is planning to open two new airports. The government has recently approved two prime locations for the upcoming airport projects - Sudair City for Industry and Businesses and Riyadh-Hawtat Rani Tamim, Trade Arabia reports.

Faisal bin Bandar, Riyadh Governor Prince, has approved the locations of two domestic airports to be built in the northern and southeastern clusters of development centres in the region.

The location of the airport serving the northern cluster of development centres has been selected northeast of Sudair City for Industry and Businesses, including the provinces of Zulfa, Al Magma’ah and Al Ghat, over a total area of 24

The location is expected to achieve integration between air and railway transport on one side, and the industrial activities and logistic services offered by Sudair City for Industry and Businesses on the other.

Prince Faisal, the chairman of the High Commission for the Development of Riyadh (HCDR), said that the airport’s location will boost economic and demographic development in the northern cluster of development centres.

The airport serving the southeastern clusters of development centres, including the provinces of Al Kharj, Hawtat Bani Tamim, Al Hariq and Al Aflaj, will be developed over a 42 area on Riyadh-Hawtat Rani Tamim Road.