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Zivile Zalagenaite
Planning airline recovery during coronavirus outbreak

Over the past few weeks worldwide (and past few months in Asia), the aviation world has been grappling with the changed reality amid the coronavirus COVID-19 crisis. As world closed borders, airlines were forced to cancel flights in bulk, now resolving to grounding better part, if not whole, of their fleets and letting people go on indefinite and often unpaid leaves, making obscure promises of coming back from this stronger than ever. But what do...

AeroTime Team
Longest flights in the world [Quiz]

The coronavirus COVID-19 outbreak had an unexpected outcome, prompting an array of aviation’s firsts. As multiple countries around the world began closing their borders, airlines found themselves unable to operate flights as they usually do, opting for new, sometimes record-breaking routing. ...

AeroTime Team
British Airways BA65 makes double U-turn en route to Nairobi

Having left London Heathrow Airport (LHR) at 10:15 am, British Airways Flight BA65 was en route to Nairobi (NBO), Kenya. However, after being airborne for 1 hour and 40 minutes, the flight landed back in Heathrow, from where it took off for Kenya once again. ...