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Kristina Kirkliauskaite

Unbelievable survivors of plane crashes

Aviation history holds many disastrous aircraft crashes, which happened due to numerous reasons. Starting from the terrible weather and technical aircraft failure, finishing with a lack of fuel to reach the destination. Some of the tragic airplane crashes have a miraculous side of the story ‒ the survivors. Some of them followed the safety protocol, others fainted out and got lucky to survive the crash. These stories of survivors truly satisfy th...

Kristina Kirkliauskaite

Top 6 must-try flight simulation games

Flight simulation games are a perfect option for those who want to learn air combat skills or enjoy flying anywhere in the world by simply sitting on the couch. The market of flight simulation games has to offer a lot from the software and Xbox versions to even mobile applications. Flying around the world has never been that easy....

AeroTime Extra

How well do you know the Boeing 787? [Quiz]

On July 8, 2007, the Boeing 787 rolled out of the factory for the first time (07/08/07, got it?). To meet the symbolic date, what came out of the hangar was more of a 1:1 model than a real functioning plane, yet the event was watched by millions of people around the world. Today, the aircraft is well established among 60 operators around the world. To commemorate the occasion, AeroTime News prepared a quiz on the Dreamliner....