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Clement Charpentreau
Snowbird pilot injured by ejection due to seat malfunction

Investigators of the Canadian Department of National Defense determined that the crash of the CT-114 Tutor belonging to the Snowbird aerobatic team was caused by an engine malfunction. Moreover, the pilot’s ejection was obstructed by the parachute lines, resulting in minor injuries....

AeroTime Team
Embraer E190-E2 makes record length delivery flight

On July 2, 2020, Embraer flew a brand new E190-E2 from a manufacturing site in Brazil to Zurich, Switzerland. On its way there, the jet covered 7,488 kilometers non-stop, making the flight a record-length for a regional jet, according to its new owner Helvetic Airways....

The Flying Wordsmith
Next Step - The Warp Drive?

Normally, most people wouldn't know where Wuhan is. Under the current circumstances, it's possible that most people are familiar with the name.Wuhan is located in central China, has a population of el...