7-Eleven, one of the world’s largest convenience store chains, has completed 77 delivery drone flights to customers in Nevada, USA.

As reported by Recode, all 77 flights were from one store to a dozen selected customers who live within a mile of the shop. 7-Eleven has partnered with drone maker Flirtey for its delivery pilot.

The 7-Elelen deliveries have marked the first regular commercial drone delivery service to operate in the United States, flying ahead of similar projects. Amazon has previously started its experiment of  delivery drones in the UK.

The deliveries were performed by a drone delivery service company, Flirtey, which is known for drones delivering Domino‘s pizza in New Zealand and textbooks in Australia.

The delivery drone features a GPS system to spot the customer‘s location or house. The drone then hovers near the ground before lowering the package, as Recode reports.

The deliveries are now available only in Nevada, but 7-Eleven and Flirtey plan to expand their services in 2017.