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Rytis Beresnevicius
United, Southwest and American announce 2019 financial results

The trio of United States-based carriers announced their Q4 2019 and Full Year results, joining Delta Air Lines, which announced its yearly results on January 14, 2020. All in all, the four biggest carriers in North America and some of the biggest airlines in the world had a healthy year: with the exception of Delta, despite being negatively affected by the 737 MAX groundings, all airlines demonstrated healthy profitability....

Clement Charpentreau
Airports take action against Chinese coronavirus spread

Airlines and airports in China and around the world are taking actions to contain the spread of the deadly and mysterious coronavirus that has already claimed 17 lives and infected more than 570 people....

Clement Charpentreau
C-130 crashes during firefighting mission in Australia, 3 dead

A C-130 Hercules water bomber crashed during a fire fighting operation in Australia on January 23, 2020. The three crew members on board were killed....