Boeing announced that it has received a five-year contract to continue long-term sustainment of the Republic of Korea Air Force’s (ROKAF) F-15K aircraft.

“This approach guarantees materials and technical support required for aircraft maintenance over many years while managing costs,” said Tim Buerk, Director, F-15 sustainment in the Far East region and United States. “It also provides opportunities for us to utilize local industry to help maintain and manufacture F-15K components, cutting down on cycle times.”

Hyundai Glovis, a Seoul-based supplier, will partner with Boeing on logistics handling and supply chain distribution in country. Boeing has been sustaining the ROKAF’s F-15K fleet since 2012.

The F-15K Slam Eagle is the F-15E Strike Eagle variant produced for the Republic of Korea. It features more advance equipemnt which enable the Slam Eagle to conduct a long-range precision strike mission during day or night, in all-weather condition.

Boeing has filed a lawsuit against Denmark for not revealing documents that served as the ground to turn down the American manufacturer’s fighter jets, according to Reuters.

According to Boeing, Korea chose the F-15K over three competitors in June 2002, awarding Boeing a multibillion-dollar contract to supply the ROKAF with 40 F-15K Slam Eagle fighter jets. In October 2005, Boeing delivered the first two F-15Ks at the Seoul Air Show. Boeing won a contract to produce 21 additional F 15K aircraft in April 2008 as part of Korea's Next Fighter II program.

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