Dassault Aviation, French manufacturer, is considering moving its production line of Falcon 2000 business jet to India due to lesser manufacturing costs and “competitive edge” appeal.

Dassault CEO Eric Trappier said in an interview at the National Business Aviation Association's annual conference that the company is considering building its business jets in India, as it would allow to cut production costs, but to sustain acceptable quality and execution, according to Bloomberg.

The moves after last year Dassault failed to sustain an initial agreement from India to purchase 126 Rafale fighter jets, instead, it ordered 36. According to India Times, while still negotiating for 126 fighter jets, India demanded that at least some of them would be built in India.

The country is eager to attract foreign companies to manufacture their goods in India. In response to the global financial crisis slowing down the economics growth, in 2015 India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi launched the Make in India program, which aims to bring in investments and know-how by encouraging international companies to choose India to manufacture their goods.

The initiative is focused on job creation and skill enhancement in 25 sectors of the economy that include areas such as electrical machinery, biotechnology, renewable energy and, of course, aviation.